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Among our partners are only the best Spanish manufacturers

Interfresh Export is the official distributor of a plenty of confectionery factories. Thanks to this, we offer a full range of all kinds of sweets and other confectionery products. Chocolates, cookies, jelly candies, marshmallows and more. Contact us, and we will answer all your questions and give all the necessary information.

Our partners:

  • FINI


Fini's story is a story of encouragement and effort: from the handcrafted gum of the 1970's to the 1,200 units per minute wrapping machines. Manuel Sánchez Cano, Founder and Chairman of the company continues to expand the company through his sons and his team. From the 1,000m2 of the first facilities to the 125,000m2 of the current facilities. Over the years Fini has kept up constant research and development to deliver the best products in the market, with the goal of spreading both nationally and internationally, with trade branches in Spain, Portugal, UK, France, USA, Chile, and customers all over the world. Millions of produced units shape the company's history and are the a guarantee of the highest standards. The secret? HARD WORK and QUALITY.



The LACASA brand dates back to 1852. Its founder, Antonio Lacasa (the grandfather of the current owners of the company), took up the production of chocolate right in his warehouse, where he also provided services for the storage of textile and other goods. More than 165 years later, the LACASA Group of Companies is one of the largest Spanish producers of chocolate and many other confectionery products.

LACASA chocolate


From a family start-up to being part of a leading confectionery multinational. Jelly Bean is a brand which dares to be different from regular sugar candy, it’s not what you’d expect and we’re proud of our multitude of bright colours and our gourmet, fabulous flavours, all of which give you a truly sensational taste experience.


The Arluy brand has become famous all around Spain for its incredibly tasty cookies. Located in Arrubal (La Rioja), Arluy has been making biscuits and chocolates for over 30 years. Arluy believes that there is nothing more important than quality. Therefore, at its production facilities, the company uses only the most advanced technologies to produce various types of delicious and healthy cookies.

Minis Choco Simpsons Arluy